Anchor Oil lamps Company.


Anchorlamps.Com. will sell your goods on this Web site for a 12.5% Commission on the Sale Price.For this we process the information you send to us and place it in our Web Showroom for sale.If payment is made using our credit card facility then there will be a further 4% charge to cover credit card costs.You may if you like upgrade the price you want by 10%/14%, but that may harm your chances of selling the goods.We reserve the right to decide what goods we put on sale and the length of time we offer them for sale.Goods that we consider are over priced and have not sold within a reasonable period will be removed from our site.The commission is due on the sale of the goods,and will be deducted by Anchorlamps.Com. from the payment recieved from the buyer,The balance will then be sent within four working days to the Vendor.Payment must be recieved from the buyer prior to the delivery of the goods.oldoillamps.Com reserve the right to alter the commission rate

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