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Oil Lamp Maker's marks are usually to be seen on the wick winder button and occasionally elsewhere. A name on the button identifies the maker of the vital lamp burner. These were made by the specialists for use in lamps made by themselves and also sold for use by others. Founts, chimneys and shades may have been made by others. This list is just a selection of the commonly-found makers found in British markets. .

ELTEX Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps


Trade name of George Elt Ltd. of Worcester. They made heaters used for greenhouses and elsewhere, frequently with burners from other makers.

ELTEX Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

WAS Benson
W. A. S. Benson, (1854-1924) Hammersmith, London, c1880-1920 making art metalware for table use and for oil, gas and electric lighting fittings. He was closely associated with William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Benson products were retailed through Morris & Co. for interior designers and he also had his own shop in Bond Street, London for some time.

ELTEX Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Aladdin, Originally the Mantle Lamp Company, USA. Their first Aladdin lamp was produced in 1909 and new lamps are still available world-wide.

ERICH & GRAETZ Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Erich & Graetz
Erich & Graetz, Berlin, originators of the Matador burner.

Evered & Co Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Evered & Co
Evered & Co., Surrey Works Lewisham Road, Smethwick. trademark shield with RE&S inside, E&C underneath, bedsteads, gas and electric fittings, solid and brass cased steel tubes.

Kosmos Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Kosmos Brenner, a distinctive circular burner that comes with a tall narrow chimney with patent 'pinch'.

ERICH & GRAETZ Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Kynoch Ltd., Lion Works, Witton, originally early 19th century candlemakers but diversified to lamps and eventually pressure stove for paraffin (kerosene). They later became part of ICI Metals Division, then IMI plc.

Lempreur & Bernard Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Lempreur & Bernard
Lempreur & Bernard, Lampes Belges, maker of paraffin lamps and gas fittings with characteristic circular burners. Trade mark 'L & B' and sun seen on wick winders.

Samuel S Messenger & Sons Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Samuel S Messenger & Sons
Samuel S Messenger & Sons. Founded before 1835 in Gloucester Place, Alston Street, Birmingham, moved to 19&20 Broad Street, making candelabra, lamps and gas fittings, exhibitor at 1851 Great Exhibition and others. The name occurs in the 1810s as Messenger and Phipson of Broad Street, Birmingham, manufacturers of plated goods.

Edward Miller Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Edward Miller Co
Edward Miller Co., Meriden, CT. started in the 1844 by Horation N Howard but taken over in 1845 by Edward Miller, forming Edward Miller & Co in 1866 to take advantage of the kerosene now available from Titusville and elsewhere. A rolling mill was installed to produce the required quantity and quality of brass. They made Rochester Lamps from 1884 to 1892.

Samuel Heath Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Samuel Heath & Co.
Samuel Heath & Co. (S. H. S.)Birmingham, this button one of a pair on a duplex lamp.

Sherwoodds ltd Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Sherwoods Ltd.
Sherwoods Ltd., manufacturers of oil lamps and burners in Birmingham. In 1904 they were trading as Sherwood Isaac & Son Ltd., but by 1920 they had taken over Linley & Co. of 73-75 Great Lister Street, ‘American’ pattern lamps to become Sherwood-Linley. Nechells Park Works, Eliot Street, Nechells then moved to 44-50, Granville St.

veritas Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Veritas Efsca Works, 84&5 Edward Street Parade, Birmingham (Falk Stedman Proprietors)

youngs Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Young’s Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co.
Young’s Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co., 13, Bothwell Street, Glasgow and New Spring Street, Birmingham. Lamps and lamp burners. Dr James Young started the first plant to produce paraffin (kerosene) from shale for oil lamps in Britain in 1848.

youngs Oil lamp from Anchor oil lamps

Midland Lighting Co.
Midland Lighting Co, 7, Corporation Street, Birmingham with Sun Lamp Works, Leopold Street, Birmingham until about 1905, using the 'In Lux Way' trademark, manufacturers and agents for Thermidor Belge centre draft burners.

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